Monday, August 25, 2008

What This Weekend Taught Me

This weekend my friends came down from Columbus, we were all in the mood to have a great time and have a bonfire. The temps have been in the high 50's low 60's at night which is perfect bonfire weather. Adam also got his hands on some West-By-God-Virginia moonshine, which was pretty much the beginning of the end.

The weather on Saturday night was 75 degrees. Do you think that stopped us from having a fire? No, of course not. We did however have to sit a good 50 yards away from it, and we may or may not have burned the lighter we used to start the fire up, because the heat was a tad bit overwhelming and no one wanted to lose the hair off their arms to retrieve it.

Moonshine that smells like turpentine, it pretty much tastes that way and will burn a whole in your esophagus. However, if you mix it with Hawaiian Punch you can't even taste it. Just because you can't taste it doesn't mean its not potent enough to knock you on your ass for a good solid two days. Note to self: NEVER ever drink SIX huge plastic cups of moonshine mixed with Hawaiian punch, much less chug them because at the time it seems like a fun idea.

If you are drinking moonshine, don't drink it while playing beer pong. The moonshine mixed with beer is also a bad idea. Never, ever follow that up with a few rounds of flipcup. You're just asking to have your ass kicked.

Drunk dialing your best friends dad at 11:30 probably isnt a good idea either, thank goodness he has a great sense of humor. Did I mention we decided to have the bonfire and party at his house since he was on vacation down in South Carolina? Nothing more reassuring than having your daughter's drunk BFF call you and let you know everything is under control while probably slurring her words.

Overall, it was one hell of a party. So great in fact, that none of us moved until around 7 last night to even begin cleaning up. The stench of stale beer cans, leftover s'more remnants, random half smoked cigars sent most us back to the couch and/or bathroom. Worth it? TOTALLY! Hangovers last a day or two, drunken memories (and digital pictures) last a lifetime!!

Oh! It has been brought to my attention that I've also expanded from drunk dialing to drunk blog commenting. Please accept my apologies for any comments that include horribly misspelled words and/or inappropriateness. Two of my favorite things.


Andy said...

Moonshine + Beer + Camera + Bonfire = Fun

See? That sums it up. The hangover and the drunk dialing/commenting are just aprt of the fun.

Frank said...

Moonshine, eh? Isn't that, like, West Virginia's state beverage?

Mandy said...

Andy -- totally rrue.

Frank -- I do believe you are right. LOL.

Amanda said...

Hi Mandy, I'ma long time lurker, first time commenter. I'm friends with Cameo and actually have been following/stalking you for awhile now. You friggen crack me up and this post had me laughing out loud. The part about drunk dialing your BFFs dad whos house you were at.... PRICELESS! :0) I especially like how you put 'probably' slurring her words. Um, yeah!


sarah said...


sorry, is my laughter hurting your head? ;)

Maxie said...

west virginia represent :-) We've got some ass-kickin stuff here.

Cameo said...

Okay, I have NO IDEA who this Amanda chick is who is claiming to know me. LOL. Kidding, she's my BFF and we've been friends for about 15 years. She's a kick. Anyway. DRUNK BLOG COMMENTING!!! HILARIOUS!!!! I'm ashamed to say I have POSTED before and didn't remember due to that little blue pill. No, not Viagra, Ambien. Oh, and one of sissy's Bud Lite's knocks me on my ass, I can't imagine what moonshine would do to me. HOWEVER, in my day, I could drink pretty much anyone under the table. Sissy can vouch for that. Beya too.

Bayjb said...

Holy crap, moonshine?? I need to get me some of that. I'm coming to West Virginia!! I'm assuming moonshine is also not good for flip cup too right?

Mandy said...

Amanda--Thanks for de-lurking! I'm glad that you enjoy the blog.Yes, drunk dialing the BFF's dad was just one of the highlights of the evening.

Sarah--your laughter is ok, the boss's loud voice this morning at 8:30, not so cool.

Maxie--we almost played Country Roads at midnight but we couldn't find the cd. And yes, WV moonshine is ass kicking stuff!

Cameo--Apparently drunk blog commenting is the new thing, moonshine is evil. The last time we had it cause my brother to pass out and sing spiritual songs, and every single verse of Rocky Top.

Babyjb--If you've never had it, you should try it atleast once. Come to OH and we'll smuggle some across the river for you. And if you don't like it, don't can always use it to take rust off of just about anything.