Friday, August 15, 2008

Faster. Higher. Stronger.

Let’s talk about my obsession with all things Olympics…

• First let me say that I am essentially glued to the television from the time I get home from work until the wee hours of the morning. My sleep schedule has taken a severe hit. Yesterday, I had to take a nap between 6:30 and 7:30 so I could stay awake for the Women’s All-Round competition. I swear if there were an Olympic medal for darkest circles underneath the eyes, I would be a shoe-in. My vanishing act duo under eye concealer has been working over-time this week.

• Hot. Swimming. Men. Honestly, are they not the most perfect specimen of the male species you have ever seen? The tight abs, the indents right at the waist, the broad muscular shoulders. What’s not to love? I’m just not talking about Michael Phelps, I mean the Whole. Entire. Team.

• My friendships are suffering because I am in the Olympic Zone. One asked me to join her for dinner and drinks one evening after work. I went, but at 7:30 I was ready to call it a night so I could get home before I missed a minute of coverage. She suggested I watch it on YouTube or and I apparently looked at her as if she lost her mind. Its just not the same as watching it “live.” Another friend wanted to go to the movies and I flat out refused –“The movies? Are you kidding me? Michael Phelps is going for his 11th overall Olympic gold medal and you want me to miss it for a movie? I. Think. Not!”

• The fact that the Chinese women gymnasts look like they are 13 years old bothers me. Also the fact that the Chinese, Romanians, and Russians all seem to think that blue eye shadow is the way to go, slightly disturbs me as well. Almost as much as the number of metal clips they use in their hair. Last night, one girl from Ukraine (I think) made hers look like a headband though, I appreciate that creativity.

• I like to think that in the next Olympic Games, I could be a better judge than some of the judges in this game. I randomly explode off the couch and argue with the unseen judges. “Are you kidding me? Didn’t you see that balance check!?” “What the hell angle were you watching from cause from here they weren’t synchronized!?” “What the hell kind of call was that, the ball was totally out of bounds!?!” Funny how quickly I became an expert in sports of which I know virtually nothing about.

• This morning as I vaulted out of bed because I was really close to being late for work (see eff’d up sleep schedule above), I may or may not have thrown my arms and head back, stuck my chest out with my feet together and been slightly disappointed not to hear the roar of the crowd and a commentator exclaim with unabashed enthusiasm “Yes! She stuck her landing, what a dismount!”

• The Olympics have also entrapped my brother and Big T. One night after watching a segment on volleyball players and swimmers wingspans Adam found a tape measure and made my mom and I measure his (8 ft, just in case you were wondering). Last night while watching Misty May-Treanor and Kerry Walsh play their beach volleyball match, Big T kept yelling and hitting the couch exclaiming “Come on girls, you haven’t lost a match in 105 games, don’t let those dirty Belgians get the best of you, you have a gold to defend.” I had to give her a drink so she would calm down a little. Who knew beach volleyball could be so intense.

• I love Bob Costas and his sense of humor, really. And don’t get me started on Bob and Bela Karolyi, hilarious! I am also expanding my vocabulary with the Learn to Speak Chinese 101 segments on the Today Show with Al Roker. So far I know how to say umbrella, congratulations, and happy weekend. Cool, right? (Damn I had Chinese for lunch, I so should have told the waiter happy weekend. FAIL for missed opportunities.)

• I cry. A LOT. When Lezak ran down that French guy who talked smack on the Americans in the 4x100 freestyle race. I cried. Whey they played the National anthem and raised the American flag, yeah there were a few tears. Last night when Nastia Liukin became just the third woman in US History to win the All Round Gold Medal, I balled. Watching her get the gold medal draped around her neck and seeing her father struggle, then fail to hold back tears, yeah, I was on the verge of the ugly, face scrunching up, shoulder shaking cry. How she held it together, I know not. It was more than my sleep-deprived self could take. I also may or may not have gotten a little misty eyed hearing Meridith Viera and Matt Lauer talk about it again this morning. Oh and I may or may not also cry when they show the Getty Images with Olympic themed music in the background, but ssshhhh, don't let that get out.

Is anyone else out there in blogland having this problem? Have the Olympics completely taken over just about every aspect of your life as well?


chickbug said...

ummmm....yes! i'm throwing a party at my house tomorrow night just so i can ensure i'm by a tv at 10:10pm, when Phelps goes for his 8th gold medal!

last night, i thought i was going to die at like 11pm. But I held strong and stayed awake...and it was worth every minute.

Nikki said...

Who doesn't love the Olympics?!

"This morning as I vaulted out of bed because I was really close to being late for work (see eff’d up sleep schedule above), I may or may not have thrown my arms and head back, stuck my chest out with my feet together and been slightly disappointed not to hear the roar of the crowd and a commentator exclaim with unabashed enthusiasm “Yes! She stuck her landing, what a dismount!” " AHAHAHAH. You make me laugh :)

Kim said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes (and I'm so with you on the swimmer bodies - what am I going to do when the swimming is done????)

And I have one word for you, girl - TiVo......must get it. It's the only way to keep up with the Olympics and not have your sleep schedule all e'ffed up. :)

sarah said...

lol, totally with you on this whole Olympic fevour. And yep, also in love with swimmers bodies. YUMMY!

Andy said...

* I may have won that competition... The darkest circles ever.

* I agree. The American swimming team is TO DIE FOR. Especially Lochte.

* I was talking the same thing with my mom, because my sister puts too many hair accesories, and she kind of looks like those athletes.

* For one of Natsia's competition, everybody thought she would get an AWESOME score because she landed perfectly, and she didn't. I was so pissed off.

* I think you did.

* Women's volleyball is one of men's favorite Olympic sports. Just the fact that they're wearing bikinis and that they roll in the sand...

* LOLz at the Chinese... And at the commentators.

* I cried when our tennis player was eliminated by Federer... But they were more tears of joy and proudness...

Are you like kidding me? I have no life since the Olympics started.

Tricia said...

I am exhausted from the Olympics!! I am staying up LATE every night! They are killing me!


But I wouldn't miss em for the world!

Trina G. said...

Mandy from Ohio....I will be laughing all day today. Thank you. You said it all perfectly. Trying to watch every event live has become a bit of a full time job. They have been great....

I love those hairless smooth swimmers as well. It sould be mandatory that the guys should never wear the top part.

Cameo said...

Mandy, you have just made me a lifelong fan of yours. I've never read your blog but mom and sissy are always talking highly about you. And tivo? Gah! It pales in comparison with watching it live. I know that I must go to sleep when I find myself telling myself "I can just nap during this one commercial" at midnight. I know then it's time to call it a night. So I begrudingly go to bed. They just did a recap of all 8 of Phelp's swims to Coldplay's "Viva La Vida". Talk about goosebumps! HAVE YOU SEEN PHELP'S TATTOOS ON HIS LOWER HIPS?????? Mom and I were drooling over them this morning. hot.

Unknown said...

Hi. I'm Rebecca and I'm a recovering Olympic hater. "Hi Rebecca." JiT, a true patriot of the shouting-U!-S!-A! at the television variety, has been remedying this malady by feeding me a constant stream of Olympic coverage. I'm into swimming, cool with Gymnastics and can deal with most of the other stuff (just not Bela Kyroli). Must say I too am freaked out by the lady gymnasts propensity towards blue eye shadow and the gross over-usage of the metal hair clips. And DON'T get me started on the scrunchies. {Shudder} Shiny. Metallic. Scrunchies {Double Shudder}

Jill said...

Okay, you have Trina AND Cameo (2 of my favorite people by the way) hooked on your blog, so I have been catching up all day... seriously, I am in a better mood now! You are too funny.

Please let me add you to my blogroll, so all of my readers can get some Mandy-Love!