Monday, July 21, 2008

What Happens In the Hills, Stays In The Hills

I am back and still recovering from my long weekend camping, catching up with friends, listening to some great country music, and having a complete kick ass time. First I need to say a huge THANK YOU to my guest bloggers Rachel, RebeccaC, Andy, and Melanie! I loved all your posts.

J@mboree in the Hills was everything I expected it to be and then some. The performers all did excellent shows, the people in the crowd were just as entertaining, and the weather cooperated perfectly! Being with my best friends, just kicking back, having fun, and enjoying each others company was priceless. I had no responsibilities except for making sure my beer was cold and there enough jello shots to go around. I am proud to say I was incredibly successful at both!

Since I haven't been to Jambo in a few years I had to agree to the new motto completely stolen from the Vegas tourism board and that is "What Happens in the Hills, Stays in the Hills." While I promised not to post any damaging photos (of which there are way too many) or mention any names, I can share with you some of the overall experiences and/or general observations.

* Drunk people and portapotties do not mix. If there is a struggle, the portapotty will most certainly win. All portapotties should have a sticker inside that states WARNING-THE GROUND IS FARTHER AWAY THAN APPEARS."

* White men can't jump. There was a movie stating as much. Even if you can clear the fence, chances are pretty good you won't stick the landing and will wind up with a huge bruise on your ass.

* It is possibe to know the words to every single song sung by a particular artist the night before and in the morning not even remember who performed.

* Playing Dizzy Bat for an hour will almost always end with someone (or several someones) losing the entire contents of their stomach, while the rest of the drunken players stand by and laugh.

* Riding down the hill on a cooler with wheels at 3am may initally seem like a fun idea. Chances are after waking up hungover with unexplainable grass stains on the side of ones face will prove otherwise. Same goes for cooler lids.

* Playing flip cup and beer pong with strangers will result in new friendships. Unfortunately you probably won't be able to remember their names in the morning.

* If you are stupid enough to be walking around a campsite with beers and a beer bong AND you're underage, you deserve to be handcuffed, have your Jambo bracelet cut off and be made fun of by my friends and I who watched and took pictures, while laughing and pointing.

* For a slip and slide, all you need is a few tarps and something wet. Beer is a perfectly good substitute for water.

* Jello shots should not be consumed by the dozen. EVER. No matter how good they taste going down. If one does consume them by the dozen at least make sure they are in various colors, it makes the end result more interesting.

* Batman is never far away and will always come when called.

* Grown men wearing bikinis and swim dresses is probably only acceptably and found hysterically funny four days out of the year.

* Three ibuprofern, followed by two beers and a jello shot will cure any ailment including heartburn, a severly sprained ankle, a wicked hangover, and any injury resulting from headbutting various objects.

* A couch can be used for many things including but not limited to--a trampoline, a hurdle, a surf board, a balance beam, and other things only discovered by going through digital pictures of the previous night.

* If you are wearing only a loin cloth and go down the slip and side, expect people to make fun of your "package" even more so after you've been bragging about it.

* Nothing cures a 5am craving for greasy food like a bucket o'cheese fries, a gyro, and/or pizza. And I would really like to know how big the turkeys were that produced this turkey leg.

Overall the weekend was awesome. My friends and I drank too much, sang too loudly and horribly off key, did way too many stupid things, and had the time of our lives doing it. There is a line in the Brad Paisley song Alcohol and states "you'll have some of the best times you'll never remember" which pretty much sums up our weekend.

And finally, some of the infamous couch pictures....

Really, weekends don't get much better than this past one. Plans are already being made for next year so we can do it all over again!


Rachel said...

your weekend looked AMAZING!

1) I think flippy cup could end all wars

2) I want to see the tan lines on the coconut bikini guys

Andy said...

Your weekend sounds/looks great!! I am jealous. Very jealous. The camping turned out great after all. Well, I dont think camping would be the right word, because I am sure you didnt sleep in the tents. You just fell asleep near to the beers.

And you got quite a sunburn yourself!

Bayjb said...

Holy cow that looks like a lot of fun. Welcome back! Looks like you had nice weather too. Love summer festivals with greasy food!

Mandy said...

Rachel--I agree with the flip cup statement. You should really think about a career in public service. As for the coconut guys tan lines, that was one of the more tamer pics I could post. LOL.

Andy--You are right, it wasnt exactly camping as much as it was just being pointed in the direction of our tents and sort of passing out on the airmatresses. A few nights people slept on the sofa and loveseat.

Babyjb--the weather was beautiful. It rained some yesterday afternoon, but not for too long, only postponing the show for a little over an hour.