Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just a small COUNTRY girl...

Hello there! I am Andy from Life Isn't So Terrible After All. Most of you know me because we're part of the same circle of bloggers. (And if you don't, just pay a visit! It won't harm you.)

After a FUNNY story, a DELICIOUS meal, what can I write about?? What about a memory? I think that might work.

Mmmm... *Thinking back of childish memories*.

I know what should work... The first time there was a dead person in my family, and I was older than 6 months. Really. It isn't creepy or anything, I was like 5 and the coffin was closed.

Well, as I was at home when suddenly I heard the phone ring. I have very present the moment when my mom picked up. She was told that her grandma had died. She was sad, I don't remember her being devastated. I think that the fact that my great-grandma was 95 years old, it made that everybody was sort of expecting it.

Plus, during her life, she was one of the toughest woman my family members have ever met ; I won't say they didn't love her, but she was tough, and that made it hard for anyone to really get to meet her. It is said that she was never seen crying. Not even when her husband died. The only time when she cried was when her son (my grandma's brother) died.

Actually, I had never REALLY met her. Take in consideration that when I was born, she was like 90 years old. Plus, she lived with my grandma's sister and she barely took her out of the house. So, I barely knew she existed, and the few times I saw her, I was creeped by all that extra skin proper to old people. *shivers*

Well, back to the day she died... I remember very clearly that, while my parents went to the wake, I stayed home with my nanny. I also remember that after A LOT of pushing from my side, they agreed to take me the next day early in the morning. I woke up like at 5 and went to my garden and cut a whole bunch of flowers (because I knew you took flowers to wakes, duh). I put them in a small plastic/paper vase (those you use for washing your teeth). That was my flower arrangement. My grandma afterwards told me it was the most beautiful one of all because *I* had done it.

As we got in, I clearly remember one of the most shocking sights I've ever seen. My grandma was devastated. After the wake, the service, and all that paraphernalia she got in a BIG depression for over a year. She cried not only her mom, but her dad too ; even if he was dead for a long time now. Luckily, my great-grandma was the last person to die on my mom's side of the family, so we haven't had any wakes recently.

But, my point was that in my childish inner world, I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what was happenning. So, I found my cousin and we started playing. Innocently. And that's the best part of the day I can remember. We took out flowers from the flowers arrangements and played to be princess picking flowers from our kingdom's prairies. Then, we played to make flower soups. Ah, I MISS that innocence. Where you still thought that your world was filled with pink ponys and talking butterflies.

(P.S. : Why the title? Because I live in SMALL country. With a SMALL-minded society. And I can't wait to leave).

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MeLaNiE said...

I love looking at the world through the eyes of children! It makes life so much easier! What shall I write about tomorrow?!?