Thursday, June 05, 2008

That In Which I Get My Mother Buzzed

I fully admit to being a bad influence. I corrupt people and I thoroughly enjoy it. One of proudest moments was when I heard my mother drop the word, you know THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the "F-dash-dash-dash" word. While its not a fluent part of her vocabulary, when she gets upset she lets it fly. She claims my brother and I corrupted her. I am pleased to say I keep on running and I have never looked back.

My mom has never been a big drinker, but now, I can get her indulge in a nice cold fruity adult beverage. On a Friday or Saturday night, she'll drink a Fuzzy Navel or a Strawberry Daiquiri. Never enough to get drunk but just enough to take the edge off and relax. Our drink of choice lately, TGI Fridays Blenders. Have you ever tried them? DELICIOUS! Over Memorial Day weekend, I picked up the Orange Dream. The alcohol is already in them, all you do is add crushed ice, the mixer, give it a whirl in the blender and in just a few short minutes you have a delightfully, delicious drink that would have cost you $5 or $6 at a bar. We polished off the Orange Dream in a few days. Last night I went to the store and bought the Strawberry Shortcake, which is even better than the Orange Dream. What does my Big T have to say about this (and yes, its a weeknight and yes, we did have the drinks tonight)? "Mandy, you're such a bad influence, you're turning me into a lush! Let's try the Mudslide this weekend, ok? "

Ahh, my corruption continues. It warms a daughters heart to hear that she's turning her mother into a lush. She's still in denial about the time we took her to church drunk, but trust me it happened. It involved spiked punch that she didn't know was spiked. There was some left over from the night before, she found it, thought it was still the virgin punch from the party the day before and proceeded to drink half a pitcher before church, without any one's knowledge. "Amazing Grace" sounded quite different that day, a little louder than normal, and a little more off key.


Rachel said...

My mother never swears. As a kid we knew that if she said "dammit" we were going to get our butts whooped.

Andy said...

Hahaha... My mother swears when 1) SHe's REALLY mad or 2) There's an earthquake. My father, well, he doesn't swear a lot (in front of us). Me, on the contrary may as well be some guy in a bar.

kc mom said...

I have the SAME relationship with my mom. She is one of my best friends and I CANNOT imagine my life with out her. Enjoy it!!! Relationships like this don't come often!!!!

Unknown said...

Okay, I just found you through Rachel -- her note about you being from small town Ohio intrigued me (my fiance is originally from Aurora....just outside of Cleveland and we secretly hope to move out of Chicago back to OH (IO)) one day.
Anyway, love your blog! My mom will also occassionally have a few drinks with me...still laugh about the time we went shopping after a 3 mimosa brunch.