Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cuteness and Further Proof That My Mom Is Cooler Than Yours

First the cuteness...

And the further proof that my mom is cooler than yours...

Friday night my mom and I decided we needed to end the week with frozen drinks. It was quickly decided upon that we would kill the rest of the TGI Friday Blenders. After rock, paper, scissoring (BTW did you know there was a World RPS Society?) to see who would make the drinks, she went about the task of making the drinks. See this drink?
Its basically proof that I get all my genius genes from my mother. Not only did she take the Strawberry Shortcake Blender and add chocolate syrup, she took it a step further and added a banana. Why did she add a banana? According to her, "adding a banana makes it healthy!"

In addition to her doctoring of alcoholic beverages, she also busted out one of the best lines ever from the Die Hard Movies. "Yippie kay yay muthafuka!" For the life of me, I can't even remember why she said it, but I can tell you that I almost peed my pants after she said it.


Rachel said...

Love the dog pics! Fromm now on I will either add a banana to my alcoholic drinks or eat one with it.

Jess said...

Oh, the dogs! I need them! Oh, the cuteness is killing me!

Also, that drink looks DELICIOUS. I want.

Jessica said...

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