Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thanks For Stopping By, Next Time Call First!

Here I sat in my house, all nice and quiet, nothing but the entire evening ahead of me. I was catching up on reading blogs when I saw heard a car. I glanced out the picture window and groaned--out loud, a maroon Tahoe. I live on a hill (more like a mountain) and we're almost the last house on the street so we don't get a whole lot of wayward traffic. People have a hard enough time finding my house when they know where they are going. The Tahoe could only mean two people--the grandparents.

Now this wouldn't be such a bad thing, but you have to know my grandparents, well more specifically my grandma. Shes not your typical run-of-the-mill, bake-cookies with, lots-of-hugs type and she almost never drops by unannounced. Shes just not a drop by for the hell of it kind. While I was expecting her, I was not expecting her tonight. I have to build myself up for these kinds of visits. Visits, where upon I will be asked questions she doesn't like the answers to. Visits, where she glances around the living room (with dog toys scattered about, a few days worth of newspapers lying on the floor by the chair, a pair of shoes absentmindedly kicked in the corner) and decides we're bad housekeepers. Basically, we like knowing that we have atleast a half an hour to run the sweeper, put the clean dishes away, and straighten up anything that is askew.

The thought of actually turning off the tv, running to another room and pretending I wasn't home actually crossed my mind, but the front door was open so that wasnt an option. Of all the nights for my mom to decide to go to the hair salon and then shopping. Of all the nights for my brother to take the dog for a run. Now I ALONE was left to entertain them. As soon as my grandma walked in the door, the questions started....where is your mother, where is your brother, when are they coming back (apparently the thought of being in the house with me was just as terrifying for her her). She was in the house for about 20 minutes when she told me I should move out and get my own place (another bone of contention between us). I excused myself to the restroom and send off a frantic text message to my mother. I'm not sure exactly what it said but it was probably along the lines of "HELP! COME HOME ASAP!!" and I tried to call her (she was cruising along listening to the WICKED soundtrack very loudly) but she didn't answer. Now you're probably saying to yourself, really, they are just your grandparents, it shouldn't be that hard. Oh but it is....I assure you.

I manged to entertain them for about an hour, then my mom came home. Followed shortly by my brother. After they came home, I relaxed a little, despite the fact that the house wasn't up to my grandma's white glove test, despite the fact that I had a v-neck t-shirt that undoubtedly bared too much cleavage for my grandma's taste (she buys me a turtleneck every year for Christmas which always end up returned), and despite the fact that for the 110th time I had to reiterate to my grandma that I wasn't moving out of my house anytime soon....the evening wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. The fact that they brought cake (my gradpaps idea) and presents (for my birthday tomorrow) helped. :-) I love my grandpap, and my grandma and I can usually find some common ground, and I really am grateful for the birthday present....but really, next first before just dropping by!

Is there anyone that causes you to freak out when they drop by unexpectedly?


Trina G. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDY FROM OHIO!!! I hope you feel special on your day!! YIPPEE!!

I'm still chuckling about the texting in the bathroom, and your cleavage!! My grandma hated it when I showed my cleavage too, and dark nail polish was a no no. It was trampy.

Kick ass on the cake and present though:)


Jess said...

Wow, if anyone dropped by our apartment unexpectedly, I'd be annoyed! And also, um, our apartment is kind of a mess? Bad news all around.

MeLaNiE said...

I so have a grandmother like this! Thankfully, she lives 4 hours away and usually lets us know a few days in advance that she's coming! In fact, she's coming next week and I'm already finding many ways to get out of the house!