Tuesday, May 06, 2008

All Things Wicked

So a few posts ago I mentioned how I fell in love with some of the songs from the soundtrack of the musical WICKED. I have fallen completely prey to all things Wicked. Here's just a little glimpse into the madness....

~Own the Wicked soundtrack on CD. Play it over and over and over until all the words have been committed to memory. Random songs from the score now get stuck in my head when there is no other music playing.

~Read the book by Gregory Maguire. Started out slowly, but a co-worker who is as obsessed as I am convinced me to stick with it. So glad that I did. The play differs from the book, but still a must read.

~How do I know the book differs from the play? Spent countless hours searching the internet for story lines, reviews, and anything else I can find.

~I have incorporated words like loathing, wicked, and surreptitiously into my everyday vocabulary.

~I changed my ringtone to the song "Popular." What's even worse, I have actually missed calls because I was too busy singing "Popular, I know about pop-u-lar." Its actually quite a long ringtone and very fun.

~My co-worker and I have spent many mornings at the water cooler, discussing the book and all the politics included and their possible meanings/interpretations.

~Am counting down the days till May 17. What's so special about that date? Wicked is coming to Pittsburgh and thats the day I will be getting up early so I can be among the first to purchase tickets. Seriously, SO.EXCITED.

Has anyone seen the play? Care to give a review or give your thoughts on the book, soundtrack or anything Wicked related?


Jess said...

I saw the play on Broadway and LOVED IT. I also read the book and liked it a lot. You will LOVE the play. It is just SO GOOD.

chickbug said...

wait...do you like wicked?! =)

i haven't seen it, but you are making me second guess myself. i guess i should!

Jamie Lovely said...

I have been wanting to see Wicked forever!

Kim said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Wicked. Haven't seen it yet - but it's coming to Louisville next year. I WILL be there (at least once). I couldn't finish the book - I think I got halfway through and then that was it. Maybe I'll give it another try. :)

Unknown said...

I saw it on BWay and loved it too.

Here is a tip that saved my butt and got me tickets at the last minute: Check out http://www.broadwaybox.com/shows/wicked_nyc_tickets.aspx

They let you put in the dates you're gonna be in NYC and tell you what tickets are avaible, how much they cost, and where they are located (they even go as far as to mark off on a seating chart where they are located- great for finding the best deal).

Wicked sell out months in advance, if you want tickets days in advance then BroadwayBox will get them for you!

Anonymous said...

I love it !!!i've seen it on April 18. My sister bought us tickets for my birthday. It was amazing! If you haven’t seen it, you should go!! The singing was incredible!! So before you go, it would be better to compare tickets prices, coz the prices are often sky rocked. I used not to do that before, but now I find it interesting idea and it’s FREE!!Here is the link: