Friday, April 18, 2008

Time Has Flewn

"How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?" -- Dr. Seuss

Ten years ago in 1998:

President Bill Clinton was accused of having sexual relations with an intern named Monica Lewinsky, he was also impeached.

The cost of a first class stamp was 32 cents.

Denver beat Green Bay in the Super Bowl.

The FDA approved the male impotence drug Viagra.

Titanic was the highest grossing film of all time and won a record-tying 11 Academy Awards.

I graduated from high school.

Wait, what? I graduated from high school TEN years ago? Surely it hasn't been that long? Really? Its true. I received an email about a month ago from a high school acquaintance telling me that she and some other friends were starting to plan our reunion. I've pretty much been in denial ever since.

In some ways, it seems like that warm summer graduation night in May was just a few years ago. My friends and I were sitting on the football field in our caps and gowns, listening to our fellow classmates quote Robert Frost and give speeches about how we were embarking of the rest of our lives. We accepted our diploma's, moved our tassels, threw our caps, smiled for pictures, spent one last summer together, promised to keep in touch, and went in separate directions. Some escaped our small town, some stayed, some left, some returned, and some were never heard from again.

Now its time for our 10 year reunion. Honestly, I have a lot of conflicting feelings about it. I know its like a rite of passage, but do I really want to take part? I had a great and fun high school experience, but on the other hand I wouldn't go back for a minute. Since I live in a small town, its not uncommon to run into someone I went to school with at the grocery store, a restaurant, at a local fair or festival. Those meetings are usually short and brief, a few minutes spent catching up and we're on our way. Some people have changed immensely, others act like they never left high school. I keep in touch with some through myspace or facebook. Some I meet for dinner or coffee every once in a while. I keep in touch with the ones I want to keep up with and the ones I don't, well, it doesn't really matter to me what they are doing or where they are. Do I really need to go spend a weekend socializing, catching up, rehashing all the drama of high school?

I don't know if I will go or not. I'm still in shock its been 10 years. Time has definitely flewn!


chickbug said...

i went to mine last year. was terrified. but have an BLAST. i'd say do it. people are much more laid back and fun 10 years later.

Trina G. said...

My 20 year reunion was last weekend. A classmate of mine, that I talk to every so often went and had a great time. I did NOT go, and I'm not sorry I didn't. High school was such a small part of my 38 years, that I decided it wasn't that important, and instead I went to my son's soccer game. Much more fun to me:) After seeing pictures of the reunion, it actually made me feel sad because everyone that went, looked REALLY OLD!!!! DEPRESSING!

Nikki said...

I understand how you feel- I only graduated ONE year ago and I wouldn't wnat to go back! I loved high school though, and miss seeing my best friends everyday, but still... by the end of grade 12 I was dying to move on!! I say go :) Never know, could be fun!

Trina G. said...

Have a great bonfire!! I'm very jealous:) It's 45 degrees and raining here.....bummer...
Drink a couple of Bud lights for me!