Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Road Warriors and Beauty Bashing (in a good way!)

The weekend was fantastic! I am still catching up on sleep. Friday night I was seriously like a little kid waiting for Santa Claus, thats how excited I was to go to QVC. I was up at 5:30 Saturday morning, which was a really good thing. I am a huge procrastinator and had to pack. Big T decided to sleep in some so we didn't leave home till around 8 AM. I am not a morning person in any way, shape or form, but for QVC I make an exception. :-)

This time, I didnt have to print out directions (I probably should have, but again with the procrastination, luckily we stopped at the PA visitors center and picked up all the info we needed. I mean seriously, who actually thinks to write down the address of their hotel?) AND I didnt have to read a map, all thanks to Betsy. She was a Christmas gift from my mom to my stepdad so we took her along for the trip.
Her voice had a tendency to get on my nerves but she got us we needed be (with the exception of Applebees in Exton) and I am now convinced that I will have to have Betsy accompany me whenever I travel away from the Valley.

We drove across the great state of Pennsylvania to some showtunes, Barry Manilow, and of course we sang at the top of our lungs. We didn't really have any plans. We talked about driving across the great state of New Jersey and heading to Atlantic City, but decided to make that another trip. So we headed to Philly! In hindsight, I am extremely disappointed that I totally forgot to sing the Fresh Prince song " In West Philadelphia born and raised...." I was too busy trying to convince Big T that she was going to shadow box next to the Rocky Statue while I took pictures.(I should mention that the Rocky photos will have to wait for another trip. Once we got into the city and found a map we realized Rocky was in a remote part of the city by himself, off the beaten path.)

Once we got into Philly, we headed immediately to the Independence Visitors Center. We wanted to see the Liberty Bell. Well, honestly, we wanted to re-create the scene from National Treasure where Nicholas Cage goes up on the roof of Independence Hall, by the bell tower and finds the really cool 3-D glasses Ben Franklin hid in the bricks but we thought the better and decided to just take pictures instead....

It was a really nice day out so we decided to suck it up and stand in line for about 20 minutes to get into the building to see the Liberty Bell. We were racing against the clock though. The parking garage where we decided to park cost an astronomical rate. Like $15 for an hour and half! Oh and I should mention, if you ever decide to go see the Liberty Bell, dont take your purse. The security guard spent a good ten minutes going through my purse, ok my big bag that could be used as an overnight bag if need be that I tend to carry way too much stuff in (what can I say, I love big purses!) In fact, if I hadnt had the bag, we probably could have save ourselves at least $5 in the underground parking garage. But again, we stood in line, by-passed all the school children reading the Liberty Bell historical information (hello, thats what Google is for) and went straight to the bell itself.

Afterwards we went just wandered around for a few minutes and checked out the visitor center taking some completely random pictures just for the fun of it.

This is the parking garage which could really be a post in itself. In addition to the phenomenally high parking rates (hey, I'm from a small town and the garages here cost like, well, I dont really know, I just park on the street LOL) the garage also had orange cones blocking our path and bad signage...Big T accidently drove the wrong way and had to do a u-turn in the empty handicap spots to get headed in the right direction again. When leaving we drove around in a circle three times before realizing we had passed the exit. Then we picked the wrong line and lost another 5 mintues ($5) because the person in front of us couldn't get the card reader to accept their card, so we switched lines and the same thing happened. Thankfully we made it out before I had to hawk my jewelry to pay for parking. :-)

Here are some more random shots from the road.

After leaving Philly, we headed back to West Chester to Studio Park. We really just went to the studio store and shopped because we knew it would be packed on Sunday with all the people from the Beauty Bash.

After visiting the studio store, we went to the Outlet, where we always go and always leave disappointed. If you go to QVC, skip the outlet store. After our full day of activity we were exhausted, hit up Applebees (had the strawberry-banana daqauri SO WORTH it!), and then just went to the hotel and crashed.

We woke up the next morning, made ourselves beautiful, because really one cannot go to the QVC Beauty Bash looking like a bum and headed back to stuido park. We arrived there shortly after 9 and there were already a hundred or so people in line, the doors to the area the vendors are located didn't open till 10! The staff at Studio Park were very friendly. They herded us into lines extending into all different directions and at 10:00 we were on our way. As you walked into the vendor area more staffers were on hand to pass out tote bags (much nicer and roomier than last years). In the bags were a list of all the vendors and a map. As you go from booth to booth the vendors give you their products (ranging from small tiny samples to full size, multiple products) and mark themselves off on your list. There were so many more people this year! At least 2000 but I am guessing probably closer to 2500. Big T and I made it to every vendor there! At times it was like being in a mosh pit with people on all sides of you, pushing their way forward or back, but it was really cool.

Because Big T and I were experienced Beauty Bashers this year, we were prepared. The purse was lightened considerably or left in the car, coats were left in the car and we had a system. No wandering back and forth between booths for us. Up one aisle down the other, no time for idle chit chat or pleasantries, we had ourselves some swag to get! LOL. We did make the exception for Laura Geller who is our absolute favorite make up person. She graciously signed our pictures from last year and chatted with us for a few minutes. We also stopped by and chatted with Tova Borgnine, where we picked up an autographed picture of her for one of stepdad's co-workers. Other than that, no pictures. It took us almost three hours to get to all the vendors. You have the opportunity to get facials, get your hair and makeup done, as well as some other cool things. But, we really just wanted the products this year. After we hit up all the booths we left and headed home. But not before snapping a few last pics from the lobby...

Of course I attmepted to pull out some of the bigger things and see what we scored from the Beauty Bash. The QVC Beauty Bash is really a lot like trick or treating. You go around from vendor to vendor, they give you products, and you can kind of see what they are giving you but you don't really know exactly what they gave you till you get home and dump out your bag! And that is precisely what we did!!

The picture really doesn't do it justice. We brought home several hundreds of dollars worth of products for free (well the ticket was $20 but totally worth it!) and many of the products were full size. Everything from nailpolish, to hair volumizer, to un-wrinkle creams, to eyeshadows, to individualized perscription hair care by Chaz Dean, if its on QVC and has to do with beauty chances are we have brought it home. I'll try to post a list of everything we brought home soon. Seriously though, if you live anywhere in the vincinty (and by vicinity I mean the lower 48, honestly people flew in from California) and LOVE QVC, you really should check out the Beauty Bash, its an annual event for my mom and I. We had a blast, made some great memories, brought home some great stuff, and really had a wonderful weekend!! Thanks QVC for hosting such an awesome event, I can hardly wait till next year!!


Trina G. said...

SOOO glad you had a great time. The liberty bell looks so majestic. How fun to visit a place with so much history. Hope you can rest up! Great pics.

Jess said...

These photos are awesome! It looks like a fantastic time and I am INCREDIBLY jealous of the goody bag.