Sunday, April 20, 2008

Perfect Weekend

This past weekend was positively perfect--well almost. The rain did prohibit us from having a bonfire, so we just moved the party inside and still had a great time. Friday was absolutely of those days where there isnt a cloud in the blue sky, the sun is warm enough to make your skin warm and the breeze cool enough to make it just comfortable. I was sooo glad to not be at work. Sandy and I went to the waterfront along the river and hung out. We walked along the walking trail, checked out some of the monuments I never really paid attention to before and took some fun pictures.

On Saturday, I lounged around until Peggy and Sandy came home. Then Adam, Brandon and I met them for Chinese and we went back to Peggy and Sandy's to catch up, plan, and have a few drinks. I have some pictures from our unconventional bar and drinking partner. LOL. We just all hung out, played catch phrase, and talked until like 3:30. I love nights that turn into mornings!

Today Peggy and I went to the bookstore and spent a little while just perusing the stacks for some good reads. I feel like I have hit a wall when it comes to reading the last few weeks. I tried reading Eat, Pray, Love and have yet to finish it. I grew bored with it. I am currently reading Wicked but its much darker than I thought it would be and its become a slight struggle too. Today I went for the chick lit. Work has been pretty busy and chick lit fits the bill at the moment. Any book suggestions out there that I should add to my summer reading list?


Trina G. said...

Looks beautiful. Glad you had a great time.

Wendi said...

Great pictures...I think I would have enjoyed your weekend, and that dog! Adorable!

Thanks for posting on my blog to introduce yourself (okay so I'm WAY behind, since that was in March), but it's nice to 'meet' you...Love the road trip photos and your contemplations make me giggle.

Hope you enjoyed Red's a lot to digest.

Jamie Lovely said...

Aw what a cute pup. I'm about to start Eat Pray Love. I've heard mixed things.