Friday, April 04, 2008

The Journey, Not the Destination (although its pretty fun too)

Tomorrow morning my mom and I are embarking on a weekend long roadtrip and I couldn't be more excited! I have been waiting for this weekend. Subsequently, I just had the longest week EVER. So, where are we going? HERE!!!

I was telling someone the other day about our trip. Said person said "You have been there how many times, surely it can't be THAT great." I thought about it. Yes, I adore all things QVC and once you've been on the studio tour, its pretty much the same thing. And yes, the merchandise in the studio store changes, but its pretty much the same too. We're going for the Beauty Bash so we are going to come home with lots of great swag. But honestly, its not all about all the great things we're going to come home with or who we are going to get to see and talk to. I get to spend the whole entire weekend with my mom, just the two of us! I love these weekends. It gives us a chance to catch up and recharge our batteries. Yes, we live in the same house but often our conversations are being held in between working on other things or one of us rushing off here or there, its not the same.

We'll be in the car together for the six hour car ride over to the Philadelphia area. On the way we'll talk, really talk about everything from the dog, to the future and everything in between. Thats the thing I love about my mom, we can talk like friends not just mother and daughter. We'll put in some show tune cd's and sing along horribly off key at the top of our lungs telling each other how great we sound. I'll try to navigate and eventually (like always) she'll realize its a lost cause. We'll snack on Cheezit's and wash them down with caffeinated beverages to get our energy. We'll stop and get Moose Tracks ice cream at one of the rest stops along the turnpike because calories don't count on roadtrip weekends. We'll stop at every other rest stop because one of us will inevitably have to run in for a quick bathroom break no thanks to all the coffee and diet pepsi we drank. We'll laugh, talk, and sing some more.

My mom and I have taken a few trips together before besides QVC -- Nashville, Denver. Each time we have more and more fun. But each time its not the destination that's important. Its the journey getting there and the memories we make once we are there. I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a mom like mine -- one who can be a mother as well as a friend. But I am really thankful that I have relationship I do with my mom and the memories we've made along the way, not just to certain destinations, but our entire journey.

Have a great weekend!


Trina G. said...

I'm so excited for you! be safe and have a grand time!

Nikki said...

That sounds like fun! Have a great time!


Kim said...

Have a great time!!! (but ughgh - the PA Turnpike has to be the worst place ever!!)

chickbug said...

ohhhh! my home town! i'm a philly girl. grew up about 20 minutes from QVC. have fun!

MeLaNiE said...

Have fun!! I love roadtrips!!

Trina G. said...

Waiting patiently for pics. I hope you had a great time with you mama.