Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Defying Gravity

Did you ever watch a tv show and think, man my life would be so much better with background music? Seriously, think about it. When something good happens a happy song plays, when there are changes happening the song signifies it, sometimes the music foreshadows something not so pleasant just about to happen right around the corner. Life really should have background music!

I love all different kinds of music, on any given day I might listen to Cher, John Legend, show tunes, Sean really just depends on my mood. Sometimes I hear a song that absolutely grabs me and speaks to me right at the time I need it. That happened today.

While Googling around for some information on the musical Wicked (I have heard some WONDERFUL reviews and really want to see it! Its coming to Pittsburgh for a run in Sept-Oct!)I came across some of the songs in the play. As an avid lover of musical theater I turned up the volume on my computer to give them a listen. I absolutely fell in love with the song "Defying Gravity."

Its about not accepting other people's limits on your life. Finding your own path, doing what you want to make yourself happy. Not letting other people get you down. Not knowing what you are capable of until you try. Essentially defying gravity. Its a beautiful song. Take a few minutes and listen. (Its on the sidebar. Blogger is being picky about adding it. Let me know if you can't hear it or google the lyrics.)

We all have to make our lives our own. Sure other people have ideas of what we should do, how we should act, what our goals should be. But how do YOU want your life to be? What do YOU want to accomplish? How will YOU defy gravity?


Kim said...

I LOVE Wicked (although I still haven't seen it). It's coming to Louisville next winter - I already have it on my calendar!!!!

Trina G. said...

Loved the song. Thank you:) Hope you get to see it in P-town.

MeLaNiE said...

I needed to read this so much! Thanks for sharing!

Nikki said...

I looooove Wicked- it was so good. I have seen a ton of musicals,and I would probably rank it my 2nd favourite (after Rent).