Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend Recap

I took Friday afternoon off. My boss is driving me crazy and the thought of working a full day was not at all appealing, so I called it a week at noon on Friday and headed home. We ended up with almost no ice and snow so the trip to Columbus was a definite go. We kicked off the weekend by deciding how to spend Friday night. We ended up going to Krogers stocking up on completely unhealthy food and alcohol, because, seriously, calories don't count when you're celebrating with your best buds right? We played Catch Phrase for a few hours and I do believe its my new favorite game.

Saturday Peggy and Roger both had to work so the rest of us slept in and watched the Mike Rowe's Dirtiest Jobs marathon. While it doesn't sound fun and exciting, it was actully a lot of fun. What can I say? We're nerds and I'm ok with that. We had reservations on Saturday night at Columbus Fish Market. We'd never been there and it was enjoyable. Adam wasn't thrilled, he thought it was over priced, fancy, and not enough food for the price. It depends on what you order though. We also recieved a complimentary dessert called the Shark Fin, which was to die for!

After dinner, we went to Arlington Cafe and partied like rock stars. Some of Rogers friends joined us. Pool, a DJ, $2 Jello shots, we were all happy campers. We had a blast, the music was great, the company was great. The pictures speak for themselves..LOL.

After last call we headed home, then spent the next three hours playing Catch Phrase. We played until the wee hours of the morning, none of us went to bed until five am. We slept in on Sunday. Our cure for lack of sleep and hang overs -- Olive Garden! Then we headed back to watch the Super Bowl pre-game and eat some ice cream cake (which was a birthday/Superbowl cake) and yes the Roman numerals were wrong. LOL.

After that Adam and I needed to head home. I was sad to leave, as I always am. I love Columbus and even more I love my friends! Always makes me wonder if I could move to Columbus and actully like it. Thankfully, unlike most capital cities, its not that big and has some small town feel to it. Just something to think about.

We made it home to watch the half time show and then watch the Giants pull off the greatest upset against the Patriots. Yay! All in all, it was an awesome weekend!