Monday, February 11, 2008

Stalking Pays Off

In April, Big T and I will be hitting the road for the happiest place on Earth (atleast in my world!).

I have been lurking, ok stalking, the QVC website for the past two months for information on the 2008 QVC Beauty Bash. FINALLY last Monday, I had checked the website for the third time since arriving to work at 8:30 and there it was...the information I had been waiting for. I dropped what I was doing, hurriedly printed off the reservation for and faxed it on its way to Studio Park. By noon on Tuesday the morning session was filled and the afternoon session was filled shortly there after. There are lots of dedicated QVC devotees who have been waiting! Big T laughed at me because I reserved a hotel room a little over a month ago, knowing that they would book up quickly.

The official date for the Beauty Bash is April 6th. Big T and I will be heading out early Saturday morning, we're looking forward to hitting Longwood Gardens again, this time in the early Spring. We had a blast on our weekend last year. Go here to look at the fun we had last time! I cannot wait! QVC here we come!