Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In a Funk....

I'm in a funk. Winter is lasting forever. Sure it was great fun when I was kid and had snow days. But now, the University only closes when its really, really bad out. I am really wishing for spring lately! As I write this we have snow, freezing rain and falling temps. I need some S-U-N!!!

In the mean time, go vote for my dog. We think she definitely qualifies as cutest dog....

Please vote for Sandy in the Bissell MVP pet photo contest.
Go to www.bissell.com see vote on photos, voting period 8, locating a specific pet, S-Z, Sandy 4902.
Thanks for your vote.

HaHa! This was my Big T's doing.......but go vote and keep your fingers crossed the sun comes out soon!!

Here are a few pics of Sandy enjoying the new sofa.....

1 comment:

Nikki said...

I voted :)

And Yes, yes, yes--- I am in this funk too!! UGH. I want winter to be done... and summer to be here... and to be in the DR again :) Okay, back to writing my essay :)