Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Who Needs a Dog Bed?

Yes, that's right, who needs a dog bed when you can have carpet samples? When we found out we were getting Sandy, Big T really didnt want her to be on the furniture. Well, Big T is a big ol' softie and the "no-dog-on-the-furniture" thing went out the window a few days after Sandy joined our family. In preperation for her arrival, we went to Cabela's and bought her a big, fluffy comfy dog bed.

The only time she would lay on it was if someone laid on it with her. So the dog bed lasted a few weeks before it became apparent that the couch was much more comfortable and the dog bed would be getting no use, so it went back to the store. She sleeps on the furniture or in a chair (I dont blame her one bit..LOL).

After the holidays Big T decided to overhaul the living room. New furniture, new paint, new carpet, etc. My mom does the books for a local carpeting store so one day she brought some carpet samples home. As soon as she put them on the floor Sandy claimed them as her own! She even helped Big T pick which carpet sample she liked best. Whenever my mom lays one down, Sandy lays right on top it. Shes even fallen asleep on it. Go figure.

Lesson learned....forget the expensive dog beds, go to the carpet store and snag some carpet samples instead!