Sunday, January 06, 2008

Saturday Night Fun

Sometimes on the weekends my friends and I struggle for things to do. Sometimes we go midnight bowling, occasionally we pull out a board game, other times we hit a bar and karaoke. This Saturday night however, we were at a loss of what to do. Brandon's mom bought him a waffle maker for Christmas and he kept bragging about what great waffles he could make, so we decided that Brandon would come down to the house and make us waffles. I hit the store to get some Bisquick, sausage, and just for the hell of it the ingredients to make whiskey sours. Sure waffles and whiskey don't usually go together but it worked for us.

Brandon mixing up the waffle batter

Cooking isnt an every day occurrence in our house so Adam and Sandy get pretty excited when good smells come from the kitchen.

This was the end result. Brandon insisted we eat them with peanut butter and syrup. Its actually quite good!

Washed them down with Whiskey Sours, YUM!

After we ate dinner and cleaned up. Brandon decided he wanted a Nintendo Wii. He bought one for his nephews for Christmas and spent most of the next three days playing it with them. He kept telling us how much fun it was and how much he wanted one for his house. Big T told Brandon that Walmart had them on sale for Sunday. He then got on the phone calling every store in the tri-state area that would sell Wii's. He eventually figured out that one of the three local Walmarts was getting some and they would go on sale at midnight. We passed the next three hours just being lazy. We headed to Walmart at 11, thinking we would just wander around for the next hour until the game consol's went on sale. (Wandering around Walmart in the middle of the night is a fun past time for those of us who live in small towns.) LOL. Apparently we werent the only ones in the Ohio Valley looking for a Wii, there was a line of a dozen or so people! We promptly got into line and waited, chatting with those around us...reminded me a lot of Black Friday, but on a smaller, more friendlier scale. There were only 18 Wii's and Brandon bought the 14th one, so we were just in time!

Brandon waiting in line.

Getting his Wii after waiting in line for over an hour.

What do you do after you stand in line for an hour for a Wii? You go home, take it out of the box and play it of course! Which we did for the next THREE hours(yes, we stayed up till a little after three)! Talk about being like little kids, we had so much fun! We bowled, boxed, played tennis and golfed. Adam also enjoyed playing baseball. It was the perfect Saturday night, and now thanks to Brandon, we will be spending many more Saturday nights honing our Wii skills!

Brandon bowling

Adam hitting a homer

Adam throwing a pitch

Adam demonstrating the "bobbing and weaving" boxing technique

Because we were all bouncing aroud and jumping and playing Sandy wanted in on the action too so she grabbed her favorite toy and went into her full body wiggle.

Then after a little while she was content to just watch.