Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hallelujah! We have a color!

As I mentioned before, right after the holidays Big T decided to overhaul the living room. It had been seventeen years since anything major was done and it's time. Picking out the couches and chairs, she knew exactly what she wanted -- denim (the sofas) and burgundy leather (the rocker/recliner chair). She knew exactly what carpet she wanted -- a beige color with flecks of other colors in it. She knew she wanted a wallpaper border around the top and after looking through a few books, located the one she wanted pretty quickly. The only thing giving her trouble was the paint.

Now we're pretty much a boring paint color family and we're all ok with this. At no time have we ever said "Hey, lets do something crazy and paint the walls black, red (insert any drastic color)." We're just not into that. A) No one in the house enjoys painting. B) Adam is the only one tall enough to effortlessly paint without the aid of a ladder. C) Off white goes with everything! The last time the living room was paint was seventeen years ago and it was painted a nice off white shade. No one in my house likes to paint, so it doesn't happen very often. The last time anything was painted in our house it was the bathroom and the hallway, we strayed from off-white to a soft, very pale almost not noticeable yellow and it turned out ok. This time though Big T was determined she was getting a color (Adam and I argued that off-white was a color, but she would have none of it). Big T wanted something drastic.

She was bound and determined to find a gold. Now do you know how many shades of gold there are? Think Crayola crayon box, but add like 60 more shades. There are brown golds, green golds, yellow golds, orange golds, and on and on. Adam's response to the golds "Its going to feel like we're living in a haystack!" Chuck's response (his standard) "Whatever you want." My response "Are you sure, its really dark." As you can tell she was met with some opposition. She brought home every paint sample known to man -- Gold Marsh, Caribbean Gold, Marigold, Egg Yolk (yes, that was really the name of one of the samples) and on and on. She held each paint sample up to the wall, turned on the ceiling light and examined it, turned off the ceiling light and turned on the lamps to examine it, juggled the wallpaper book next to it, held fabric samples against it. Painted 6 different colors on the wall rejuggled the wallpaper book, asked our opinions, carefully studied and critiqued. The paint swatches looked different under different kinds of light and against the wallpaper border.

But, finally, last night, after two long weeks of studying every gold shade known to Walmart, Lowe's, and Sherwin Williams she picked a color! Not the green gold shade of Dutch Boy, not the orange peach shade from Lowe's, no, Big T decided on the very, pale barely noticeable yellow from the hallway and the bathroom. She decided the border looked best against it, she's happy because its a color (a very light color, but a color), I'm happy because its not a dark drastic color, Adam's happy because it won't be like living in the middle of a haystack, and Chuck is happy that she made up her mind. Now her only dilemma is whether or not to paint the ceiling "ceiling white" or the same color as the walls. Decisions, decisions.