Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brandon's Birthday Fun

A few weeks ago Adam and I went out with our usual Ohio Valley crew to celebrate Brandon's birthday. We had a fun time! I have been meaning to post more, but its been a busy week and its only Tuesday night (well, technically I guess its Wednesday morning). The overhaul of the living room continues. Over the weekend Adam and Big T painted. Then the wall paper border went up. Today the carpet was installed. Now all we are waiting for is the furniture and new curtains. Where was I when all this home improvement type stuff was going on -- trying to hide! I dont really do painting or bordering, and given past experience, Big T didnt want me doing either...LOL.

Me with Adam and Brandon

Deb (Brandon's mom) with the boys

Self-portrait of Deb, Melissa (Brandon's sister) and myself

Group Shot