Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Six Months!

Today marks six months since Sandy joined our family. It seems like shes been with us for a lot longer. Its hard to think that we also lost Muffin six months ago. Having Sandy in our family has brought us endless amounts of joy. From her silly antics, to her sweeping tail, even her drinking out the toliet. (One day she just randomly realized she could drink from it, Adam laughed his ass off. Muffin wasnt tall enough, and as soon as we heard Sandy's lapping the water, we realized what she was doing. She doesnt do it anymore.)

It snowed here againg today and Sandy LOVES it! She chases snowballs, then eats them. Loves to jump in the snow piles Adam shovels and has perfected sliding down the driveway.

Big T also made Christmas cookies today! I need to do some wrapping tomorrow, then we'll be all set for Christmas!!