Sunday, November 04, 2007

This is the House That I Built (with lots of help from Big T)

This weekend I finished up the house I will be entering in the Gingerbread House competition. The house I originally made wasn't cooperating so we had to go to Plan B. We saved the house we made last year, put it in a box at the end of the holiday season and stored it away. Last week we pulled it out. It fared pretty well. The balcony had fallen down and taken some of the paint with it. So Big T and I embarked on a major reconstruction project. The house had to be moved from the round board it was glued to and be transported to a 24 x 24 piece of plywood. How do you move an almost year old Gingerbread House? VERY carefully! We got it moved, chipped the paint off with a letter opener and reattached it. Big T repainted it (I have no painting skills, whether it be real paint or royal icing). By the end of the day, we had a completed house! YAY! On Tuesday Big T and Chuck will take them up to Oglebay. They have to borrow Adam's Yukon to get them there in one trip and hopefully the move goes slowly. Big T is going armed with some royal icing, pez candy, neco wafers, wheat thins, red bows and anything else that has the potential to fall off. Keep your fingers crossed for us! They will be judged on Friday!!