Thursday, November 01, 2007

This Is The House Big T Built...

So its only the day after Halloween, but we have been getting in the Christmas spirit for the past month. We've been working on gingerbread houses! Every year Oglebay in addition to the Festival of Lights, also has a gingerbread house competition. I think this year will be the third year. We wanted to enter last year, but we missed the deadline, this year we were ready. We decided to make two houses. I found the patterns on the Internet and off we went. Big T's house completely rocks! My house didnt fair so well, the dimensions were off and I now have a house with a caved in roof. I will be fixing the house we made last year and entering that. I'll post pictures after I fix it up. This is Big T's house though. Shes spent a lot of time on it. Isn't it awesome!! It has to be to Oglebay next Tuesday and will be judged next Friday.

This is how Sandy helped. She was under the table most of time hoping Big T would drop some decorations! LOL.

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Jenny and Matt said...

That G-house looks great!
Hope T is feeling better.
Any chance of seeing you 2 this week?