Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Its Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Once again I think I am going to keep my blog up only to fall behind again. Work has been crazy. My boss had been home sick for several weeks and the stress of having to handle and deal with things was not fun. One day I actually cried--at work. I am so not a crier, especially at work, but I suppose we all have a breaking point. Whenever someone needs something from me, they want it immediately and fail to realize it takes time to do the reserach. The boss is back, the work is more manageable, the deadlines are probably do-able, and I finally recieved a promotion and a raise so things in that arena are looking up.

Thanksgiving came and went all too quickly. For dinner my family and I went to my grandparents house which was unusually quiet. My aunts who have the younger kids went elsewhere so dinner was actually really quiet, no one was fighting, no one was whining about who had the bigger piece of pie, and there was no satellite table. Of course the food was delicious and I ate way too much, I have to admit I did miss the entertainment my little cousins provide!

On Black Friday, I didn't get up early, didn't go stand in the cold, didn't get upset about not being able to find a parking spot....I stayed at home, slept in, and did some shopping online! I am convinced this year that online shopping is the way to go. The older I get the less I enjoy the crowds, the standing in line, and the hassle that goes with going to the mall. Big T and I have gone shopping on Black Friday before but neither of us were really in the mood this year. We watched some segments on the local news stations and people were crazy! I think it gets worse and worse every year.people literally shoving and pushing their way thru the door! No thanks!

Big T will be going back to work in the next week or so(she is feeling a lot better the past week and swears shes never having another surgery), and we have plans the next few weekends so we did something we haven't done in the past. We decorated for Christmas. I mean completely decorated--inside decorations, outside lights and decorations, tree is up, ornaments on, we even have the stockings hung! Adam and I were at home and the weather was nice so we did the outside stuff. Mom and I did most of the inside stuff but with Adam's help. He is the only one who can remember where all the decorations go and if something is out of place he will definitely let us know. Its very odd for us to be completely decorated before December 1st, but in a way its really nice knowing that its done and we don't have to worry about it. Driving through town earlier tonight, seems like a lot of other people feel that way too!

Below are some pics of Sandy. I bought her antlers, which she hates. I put them on her head and within seconds she is rolling around the ground to get them off. Mom and Adam said I wouldn't be able to get a good pic of her...but we showed them! It took four dog bones and about 10 pics but we finally got a great one!

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Jenny and Matt said...

Hurrah for a raise and a promotion!!