Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Not a Great Blogger

I am going to try to be a better blogger, but I dont think very many people read my blog. I post more on myspace. Recent events in my life....roadtrip to Columbus for the Alan Jackson/Brooks and Dunn concert, Margies dinner at the Lib, Sister Mary's death and some things in between.

The concert was great. The Germain Theater in Columbus is a great facility, parking is wonderful and there's not a bad seat in the place. We had lawn seats but no one really sat down except in between sets. I love hanging out with Peggy and Roger. They are they best! I am sure there will be many more roadtrips to Columbus in the next few months. After the show we went back to the apt and played cornhole outside till the early hours of the morning. Cornhole is so much fun! Adam built his own set just this past weekend. Big T and I finished painting it up last night. There will be more cornhole this weekend at Sandy's graduation party.

My mom and I went to a dinner at West Liberty for Margie. She was the campus pastor at the college for 13 years. She was really the first minister I met that I actaully identified with and I really liked going to her services on campus. The dinner was really nice. It was great to hear all the inspiring stories from her co-workers, mentors, and other students. We sat with Dr. Coyne, my favorite English prof.who is also retiring and Sister Mary Byron and Sister Mary Clarke. It was the last time we were all together with Sister Mary Byron. She was my french professor and became my friend. She was in her 70's but always took an interest in what I was doing and things I was involved in. She completely changed my view on nuns. She was about as liberal as they come and even had a rap sheet! She was arrested back in the day for protesting. Shes been ill for a while, but always enjoyed going to dinner and having conversation over coffee. The dinner for Margies was on a Friday and by Sunday Sister Mary was in the hospital completely unresponsive. I saw her on Monday and said my goodbyes, she passed away peacefully on Tuesday evening.

The nuns that I had the opportunity to meet thru Sister Mary are an amazing bunch of women in that they form their own family and take care of each other. I had just met these women and they made me feel completely comfortable and at ease.

I often questioned why it was I went to West Liberty. I now know that it was because of women like Dr. Coyne, Margie, and Sister Mary. My mom raised me by herself and I have always known that she is a strong amazing woman. When I went to West Lib, I met the women who were my professors and became my friends. They have all been incredible influences in my life.

I've been doing a lot of reading as well. I haven't completely abandoned my efforts to re-read some of the classics. I just read Fahrenheit 451 and again remained in awe that Ray Bradbury so accurately depicted our current society in a book written over 50 years ago. I've been working my way thru the best seller lists too. In the past week I've read Queen of the South, Water for Elephants, and The Kite Runner. All were great books. If you are looking for a quick enjoyable read though Water for Elephants defintely fits the bill. Big T loved it too. Right now I am reading the Bookseller of Kabul and The Tao of Pooh.

Sandy's graduation party is this weekend so thats what I am looking forward to currently. Well, that and having Friday off! LOL.