Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Fun

So Spring finally arrived here in the Ohio Valley today! The weather warmed up to around 50 today, so that meant people walking around in shorts and flip flops, people driving around with their convertible tops back, and kids out on bicycles. The sun was more than Muffin and I could stand so we drove around for a while with the windows down and the music up. Muffin is 17 and I am convinced she's happiest hanging her head out the window, the wind in her face, wagging her tail. She loves her car rides...

We ran a few errands, then just drove around by the river and then up on the hill to take a few pictures of Ferry.

Friday night, I had a girls night out with Melissa. I convinced my co-worker Tiffany to come with us. She had a bad week and needed to just kick back and have fun. I was also able to meet Mel's friend from high school Lorrie, and her sister Kylee. Our goal was to hang out and have fun, and boy did we have fun! We made some great memories and new friends. Sang some songs, danced a little bit, and just plain enjoyed our time out!

The weekend was a great one and as always went by way too fast! I love spending time with my family and friends.