Sunday, February 18, 2007


If you know me, you know that QVC is one of my obsessions. Last weekend Big T and I packed up her car and hit the road to QVC, we had a wonderful time!

QVC had a big "Beauty Bash" which was basically a huge tradeshow with just about every beauty vendor you can imagine. Makeup, hair, skin care, you name it...they were there. Back in November when we first started planning the trip Big T was somewhat hesitatnt--thankfully the weather gods listened and we had great weather the whole weekend.

Big T and I hit the road on Saturday at 7am. The trip over to West Chester, PA takes about 5 1/2 hours. Suprisingly we made it there in record time. Big T wanted to go to Longwood Gardens. At first I wasnt excited about going to a conservatory to see a bunch of flowers. I was even less excited when it looked like the directions we had pulled off of MapQuest were wrong. We went one one way roads, out into no man's land, past sheep and cow farms, down gravel roads and finally by the grace of god made it to the gardens.

Longwood Gardens is absolutely amazing. Its situated on several hundred acres which houses many various types of gardens. Because its February, of course the outside gardens are pretty desolate, but the East and West Conservatories were open. Once inside it was like Spring! It was awesome to just sit down on a bench and take in the warmth, scents, and sounds of the Conservatory. I cant wait to go back when the outside gardens are in full bloom.

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After our trip to the gardens, we hit the road again to QVC Studio Park. We made it there in time to meet Mary Beth Roe, one of our favorite hosts. She was signing autographs and chatting with shoppers in the main lobby. Big T and I shopped around a little bit, made a few purchases, and grabbed some info for the Beauty Bash that took place on Sunday. Then we headed to the QVC Outlet and just cruised around West Chester before turning in for the night.

On Sunday, we were up early and headed back to Studio Park. There were about 700-750 people there for the Beauty Bash. We received tote bags, which tipped us off that we were going to nab lots of good stuff! We had a ball! We went from vendor to vendor collecting samples, getting make up tips, and meeting other women who were having as much fun as we were. Nick Chavz was doing hair, so Big T and I jumped in line. We know both belong to the " I was flocked by Nick club." He was great! He curled, sprayed, and made many women very happy. Right after our session he was hoping a plane back to LA to do a few of his clients hair for the Grammy's. We also had the change to meet Laura Geller. She has done make up for several years and its the best! She chatted with us as if we were old friends. Tova Borgnine was there as well and she is probably the most elegant woman I've had the pleasure of meeting. Overall, Big T and I came away with over $500 worth of products and loved every minute of it. It was great to get away spending time with my mom and of course going to QVC, which is for me, the happiest place on earth!

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